Lifestyle Pads Advert Redone

As ad mechanics, we strive to take adverts that are accidents, and service them until they are road worthy and ready to get into the fast lane. The first advert we decided to service was taken out of Seventeen Magazine, for Lifestyle pads.

What we think is wrong with this print ad:

Where do you start reading? There is too much going on. Some positions do not require flexibility. Such as the top image of someone sitting flat on the ground and leaning forward. And pad can be effective in that body position. The slogan is “designed to fit your body” yet there is no way where it illustrates how it fits, it just illustrates what body movements u can make when u wearing a pad. The uses of sketches do not work for females. Not all females like that look. It looks like scamps of a scientific drawing or different parts of a vehicle or even biology practical. The layout is just too clumsy. There is a pad packaging in place of a logo. There is no emotional connection to females. Females cannot relate to imagery. I won’t dispute that yes it does show the benefits of a flexible pad that will move around you but it doesn’t show how it will fix or make what woman gp through when menstruating more bearable. And that one can carry on living a normal life even on their periods wearing a pad. Doesn’t communicate why lifestyle is best pad, what does it offer that other pads fail to.

New and improved campaign we did:

The concept for the new print ads is “more discrete, less awkward”. The idea is to make a campaign advertising Lifestyle pads through the idea of awkward moments that girls are faced with. The adverts explain that life throws girls with enough awkward moments, and that Lifestyle pads are secure and flexible – designed to fit your body in any situation, allowing you to be discrete about ‘that time of the month’. There are three print ads which focus on awkward situations girls are caught in because of how indiscrete they are.

The first print ad deals with the “hickey” situation. As a girl it is very likely that you have gotten or will get a hickey in your lifetime. This advert shows a girl with a hickey who tried to cover it up with a scarf, but she is very indiscrete about it.

The second ad deals with the “underwear showing” situation. It shows a girl who is wearing bright underwear and when she sits down, the underwear is exposed for the world to see.

The third ad deals with the “bra stuffing” situation. It shows a girl who has stuffed her bra and when she realises it has started to show she sneakily trries to restuff it, while nervously checking if anyone is looking.

These adverts show these moments where girls are sometimes indiscrete and end up in awkward situations. The body copy, and the slogans in the adverts then explain that with Lifestyle pads, there will be no awkward situations regarding that time of the month due to how discrete the pads are and that they are designed to fit your body.

This campaign really speaks to the target market in a fun and lively way using humour. All females can relate to the awkward situations shown visually. The body copy for the campaign is short and to-the-point – easy enough for the viewer to spot, read and understand. The design of the print ad is simple – using a close-up image of the awkward situation at hand, and then placing the logo, body copy and the slogan appropriately. The look is very visually appealing and captures the viewers’ attention easily through the use of simplicity.

The campaign comes together very nicely, appealing to females easily in a fun and humorous way. Whereas the original print ad for Lifestyle pads was not appealing and captivating.

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1 Response to Lifestyle Pads Advert Redone

  1. Thando says:

    well executed print adverts, they are conceptually outstanding. love the colours used. as a guy i understand what females go through and its relative to real live situations. you simplified he bad originally bad adverts because i did not know what was going on there.

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